In conjunction with Rupert in Vilnius, Lithuania, The Lottery Project is an experimental curatorial platform and publishing module inspired by Shirley Jackson's disturbing short story “The Lottery” (1948). The project launched in 2019.


Founded in 2008, valeveil is a small publishing press and Stockholm-based curatorial node devoted to strengthening connections between America and Scandinavia via ongoing ventures. The following projects have been executed in accordance.

  • dash — poetic e-chapbook series for experimental writers.
  • “Self-Made” — artist-curator collaboration with Jacob Dahlgren, Stockholm, SE (2016). pdf
  • tandem — artist-curator collaborations & negotiations, US & Scandinavia.
  • ready, able — mobile literary project, online.
  • bow and arrow — socio-political initiatives of others, US & Scandinavia.
  • wikiloot — WikiLeaks inspired text archive, online.
  • in its own right — contemporary 'flyting' archive, online.
  • ouxpo — oulipo-inspired constraint-based archive, online.
  • paper tape — site-specific investigations.
    1. “The Beast Eulogies” — Tomma Rum, Kil, SE (2012).
    2. “Insensitive” — Tomma Rum, Malmberget, SE (2011).
    3. “Unfinished Analogies” — Centrifug, Konsthall C, Farsta, SE (2011).
    4. “The Imaginary 20th Century” — Showkonstfack, Stockholm, SE (2008).
  • polemics — gratis arguments expressing specific positions, online.
  • casebok — American-Scandinavian cross-cultural e-publication, online (2010).
  • duo — American-Scandinavian poetic book series, US & Scandinavia.
    1. valeveil duo: book release — REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA (2009). img
    2. valeveil duo: book release — Galleri Kleerup, Stockholm, SE (2009). img
  • sans ego — community building approaches, Stockholm, SE.
  • cavalry series — podcast archive investigating emergent creative energies, online.
  • am-scand lit — podcast archive highlighting contemporary writers, online.


  • “Ringa” — Migrating Art Academies (MigAA) Lab (with Alex Davidson in collaboration with Rupert), kim?, Riga, LV (2014).
  • foxhole — autonomous community project (with Kristina Lindemann), Minibar Artist Space, Stockholm, SE.
  • “On Target” — Tensta Konsthall, Tensta, SE (2008). pdf

Note: If a curation has no year indicated, it is ongoing, continuous or under development.

A comprehensive curatorial statement may be found here.