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  • Indriķis Ģelzis's solo show — “Figure of Everything,” Castor Gallery, London, UK. pdf
  • Lisa Jeannin & Rolf Schuurmans's duo show — “As Above So Below,” Österängens Konsthall / Jönköping Läns Museum, Jönköping, SE. pdf
  • Alex Nowak's solo show — “Animal Dictionary,” PARKHAUS im Malkastenpark, Düsseldorf, DE. pdf
  • Gabriella Loeb's solo show — “Trigger-Happy,” Galleri Skomakeriet, Stockholm, SE. EN SV
  • Mette Björnberg's solo show — “Power Play,” Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm, SE. pdf
  • Julia Bondesson's solo show — “Småland Art Archive: Julia Bondesson Sven Lundhs award,” Vandalorum, Värnamo, SE. pdf
  • Femme group show — “Season of the Double Bind,” Belenius, Stockholm, SE pdf
  • Leif Elggren's solo show — “Ekonomi,” Belenius, Stockholm, SE. pdf
  • Roger von Reybekiel's solo show — “Untitled,” Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, SE. pdf
  • Willem Andersson's solo show — “It Came Back and Larger,” Belenius/Nordenhake, Stockholm, SE. pdf
  • “Sans Coordinates” — “Signal to Noise *” (curated by Stefanie Hessler), Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm, SE. pdf
  • press release — “Unfinished Analogies,” Konsthall C (curated with the assistance of Christine Antaya), Farsta, SE. pdf
  • “Audience Tectonics” — “On Target” (W.I.R.E. co-curation), Tensta Konsthall, Spånga, SE. pdf


  • Åsa Cederqvist — response to the artist's oeuvre (2018). pdf
  • Ulrika Sparre at “EXPO CHICAGO (2018)” — response to works for Stene Projects. pdf
  • Isak Hall — response to the artist's studio work (2017). pdf
  • Max Ronnersjö's “Percent (%)” work — response to "Art & Fashion" exhibition at Galleri Bon. pdf
  • Sophie Tottie at “The Armory Show NY” — response to displayed works for Belenius/Nordenhake. pdf
  • Simon Mullan's “Men Down” series — response to works. pdf


  • “The Work of Max Maslansky: Better Off Alone” — Used Paintings published by Not a Cult Media.
  • “The Drone, The Doom, The Beat” — Jacob Dahlgren: A to Z for Garret Publications.
  • “Apologia” — Aspectivity: The History of Seeing and Representation KKH publication. pdf img
  • “The Efficient Traveller: Seven Suggestions for Unpacking Martin Jacobson” — La Conservera commission. pdf
  • “Derailleur” — foreword, valeveil press duo #1. pdf


  • Report of “Unexpected Encounters” (2020) - Afterimage (Vol. 47, Issue 2 print edition) pdf
  • “A Question of Solidarity and Sisterhood”Kunstkritikk (International Edition).
  • Report of Baltic Triennial 13 (2018) — Afterimage (Vol. 45, No. 6 print edition) pdf
  • Report on Riga Photography Biennial (2016) — Afterimage (Vol. 44, No. 3 print edition). pdf
  • Report on Nida Art Colony symposium "On Hosting And Displacing: Critical Tourism, Site-Specificity and Post-Romantic Condition" — Afterimage (Vol. 41, No. 2 print edition). pdf
  • Nordic NewsKunstkritikk (International Edition).



  • nival
    nival: selected poems j. s. davis

    nival: selected poems is the first i&o press chapbook. It is the only text written without the guidance associated with established institutions. This handmade collection is a deviation—an untamed tryst of free verse and naïve perception. This work was written when the author was twenty years of age, subjected to inclement weather in the rural town of Oberlin, Ohio.


    Stricken Travesties

    In time, we accustom ourselves to some family’s pronatalist plenum.

    We remind fly-by scabs how much we love them when wearing pink.

    Sum total = four inside + stricken travesties synchronized for Pleiades.

    And does your life play out in a passé hodgepodge (oh, I’m unseen)

    resonate in a deeper feigned black tarpaulin of you—fabric too heavy?

    If you’ve picked sides, please be sure to get a refund for the show.

    Relax relax relax relax relax relax relax relax relax relax relax.

    Sit back; I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a stuffy stigma,

    hiding from work was considered a kingly attribute—lined in gold.

    Shhhh, it will never be the way you talked about with the clams,

    but as the tide comes in, Sandy Friction is inviting: down peon cocktails.

    Back to capital E’s, yellow-coated robot bombs ...

    Waking up on the wrong side of intrusions, I ejected reverberations

    over and through unwinding eons to discover a yam aftertaste.

    “Stop reminding me, Narcissus. We know your feet are wet.”

    I consulted the map of Lake Qinghai Hu one more time—

    confirmed: we live one echelon above the gauntlet.

    Quacksalver, your lazy minion—can you save Project Leech?

    i&o press.
  • walthall 13

    walthall 13

    j. s. davis

    walthall 13 is the second i&o press chapbook released. This text is a time-sensitive, site-specific work written while assisting the author's father with the aftermath of his third divorce. A handcrafted assemblage of estranged father-daughter dialogue, constraint-based repetition and concrete poetry, walthall 13 was written while the author was simultaneously helping her abandoned father find his way again in the world.


    flier lands, sure-footed

    grassy still, tightened turquoise

    take me to that north 40

    cleanse suppressed mistakes

    there’s plenty to drink <cough>

    “but i love you.” now what?

    size 5.5 wtf is that, midget

    why can’t i fit into her shoes

    too small for my feet, cursing

    heels multiplying closet snide

    covet vêtement habits, for sure

    dog vomit insults blood inheritance

    daddy flew her to mexico city

    child support cash punctual

    left behind with mommy in apts

    wifey domination, slim techniques

    swiper of 1st edition collector’s dolls

    he told me to call him at the office

    i&o press.
  • moot


    j. s. davis

    moot is the third i&o press chapbook. It is a conceptual writing exercise of non-fiction prompts—declaratives, questions, observations, attacks, criticism—expressed by others to the author during the course of her life (e.g. relatives, unrequited loves, mentors, strangers). All of which received "no comment," response or explanation from the author, leaving each communication unresolved. By definition, moot is either an “official” refusal to relay any further information as a response to a question or a point which is perceivably debatable or irrelevant. Handcrafted and written during a mild Swedish winter, this collection of words aspires to cancel each other out—to create a blank slate or void.


    “I never would have agreed if I would have known it was going to turn out this way.”

    “I don't need anymore friends.”

    “You're quite right; I'm barely human.”

    “The control or implied loss of control in either scenario, that I seem to exert or not, really doesn't do anything for me, despite your best wishes.”

    “Thank you for not mentioning the words suck, fuck, sex or blow in your introduction.”

    “You won't remember any of this one day.”

    “I propose to you there is no top to be reached here; we're both pretty much gutted.”

    “I hate you. Hate as in envy.”

    “My recent efforts to sever our relationship reflect the commonality and baseness of my conception of romance. I have all along, yet only recently so obviously, patterned my behavior after some sort of standard, the adherence to which is indicative of unoriginality on my part and disappoints you.”

    “My conceit isn't as drastic as you suppose.”

    “We're not on the same level.”

    “Please don't turn out to be a stupid cunt.”

    “If you would value the acquisition of certain types of knowledge according to their supposed utility, I'd ask you: how do you know anyway what will or will not be utilizable, even in the crudest and most material of ways, in our upcoming lives, in the world into which we'll soon be unwittingly, and unpreparedly, plunged?”

    “We don't need no stinkin' badges.”

    “You suddenly seem like someone who is in my way.”

    “I don't think of you at all.”

    “You've transcended.”

    i&o press.




  • “On the Strike and Silence” — Paletten #307-308.
  • “Similitude Malapropos” — Reptilhjärnan (Reptile Brain) #4. pdf img
  • “HPE: Hooligan Placement Exam” — Reptilhjärnan (Reptile Brain) #2. pdf img


  • “Figure of Everything” exhibition text at Castor Gallery (2020) - Indrikis Gelzis's Catalogue (2022).
  • “Connections Across the Spheres” (2018) — Ulrika Sparre's Ear to the Ground (2020). Publisher: Art and Theory.
  • Review of “Personalized History” at Index Foundation (2017) — Anna Boghiguian (pg. 209). Publisher: Skira.
  • “Time Machine” (2011) — Ann Lislegaard's Spiral Book (2012).